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Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions.

Legal engineering and strategic consulting in companies and groups of companies

Corporate Law Advice : choice of the social form of society, constitution, drafting of statutes and shareholders' pacts, advice, governance of companies, assemblies, restructuring etc.

Restructuring: Merger, spin-off, contribution, issue of shares or complex securities.
Acquisition, sale and transfer operations of companies. Equity investments, private equity, partnerships, joint ventures.


Conflict Resolution - Arbitration

Determination of the pre-litigation and litigation strategy.

Judicial litigation in civil law business related, commercial law, corporate law, competition law (mergers, agreements) labor law, insolvency law, judicial expertise.
Litigation of Intellectual Property: patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names, unfair competition.
Intervention at all stages of the arbitration process: drafting of the arbitration agreement, representation during the arbitration proceedings Mediation, national and international arbitrations


Business in difficulty -Restructuring

Assistance to amicable or collective procedures (ad hoc mandate, conciliation, safeguard,
receivership, judicial liquidation).
Development of continuation or safeguard plans, repossession offers for companies in difficulty
Drafting of the acts of cession, assistance in the recovery of the assets of companies in liquidation judicial. 
Statements, claims, claims for property.
Negotiation with creditors and restructuring of liabilities.Restructuring of companies




Commercial Law and Competition Law

Negotiations and drafting of commercial contracts
(distribution contract, agency, franchise, cooperation, license, etc.).

Competition and distribution law.




Criminal law of business affairs

Consultations, development of the defense strategy and assistance of natural and legal persons. Filing complaint.
Assistance before the judge of instruction. 
Defense before the correctional courts.
Preventive analysis of criminal risk in the company.
Strategy - correlation with commercial law


Taxation and parafiscal contributions

Advice and consultation, tax planning, reorganizations.
Assistance during tax audits, customs
et sociaux.

Tax litigation